Protect and Strengthen Your Stove Feng Shui

Traditionally, stove Feng Shui is very important to your personal wealth. Just how important it is? Simply think of the stove as the specific wealth generator of the home. Therefore, you should pay extra attention on its placement, condition and overall ambience.

In addition, since this is where you cook your food. The stove is also closely related to the health of everyone in the household.

Feng Shui Stove

Chi energy not only enters through windows and doors but also dissipates. Try to avoid placing a stove directly underneath a skylight or directly in front of a window - just to the side is perfect. Check the area where the cook usually stands for sources of potential cutting chi. Sharp edges from the kitchen table or other units within this space are obvious sources.

Another potential source of cutting chi is the hood from the extractor unit which is often at head level or higher. Notice whether this is bearing down directly on you in any way.

Protect the Cook

To protect the wealth creation power of the stove, we have to make sure that the cook will not be startled while cooking, even in a subtle way. If the cook is startled, the Chi of the food will be upset. And this will lead to health and wealth problems, accidents and illnesses in the home.

Therefore, we should avoid placing the stove so that the cooks will have their backs to the kitchen door, not allowing them to see who is approaching.

If this happens, place a mirror on the wall behind your stove. This mirror enables cooks to see who is approaching from behind. This added sense of safety and protection will mean more wealth for you.

If the mirror is extended to reflect the burners, you symbolically double the number of burners - which generate more wealth. This doubling effect is like a booster of money energy for the household.

To get better results from this Feng Shui cure, visualize your increased wealth and prosperity.

Activate all your wealth power by using all your stove burners

If the stove is the home's wealth generating appliance, the burners can be considered as specific money generators. If you use some of your stove burners more heavily than others, your unused burners become "dormant". And this puts a damper to your wealth creation power.

Remember to use your burners equally. This will ensure that you have maximum earning power. Visualize that maximum earning power is yours and increased wealth is coming your way.

Tune Up Your Stove

It is very important that your all parts of your stove are in good working order - these include burners, lights, knobs an switches. Repair all broken parts as quickly as possible so that your wealth generating power is smooth and unimpeded.

Keeping the stove clean at all time and you will have fresh wealth energy in your life. Food and cooking are intimately linked to your health and wealth. An dirty stove stagnates the flow of wealth and make it difficult to make and keep money.

To maintain a good Stove Feng Shui, Clean your stove thoroughly, including behind and under the stove. You may be amazed that your wealth has improve. As you clean, visualize that you are now cleaning away all money problems and opening up the energy for more wealth to come to you.

Cure for "door-to-stove" pathways

If your stove is sitting in a "pass-through" kitchen (ie. a pathway between 2 doors crossing in front of the stove). Ill fortune can be close at hand. This situation strips healthy Chi away from the stove and adversely affects many areas such as wealth, health, marriage and family harmony.

The Stove Feng Shui remegu for this is to place a crystal, chime or bell in front of each doorway to disperse the inflowing Chi, and hanging a wind chime over the cook's head.

We should also avoid the crash of water-fire elements in Kitchen.

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