The square is a geometric symbol that allows people to orient themselves in a place. Unlike the circle, the square has an ordering system that also seems to be innate to human beings. As is the case with the cross, the square corresponds to our need to make sense of a random world by giving us bearings, proportions and orientation.

The phrase "squaring the circle" expresses our profound desire for finding a harmonious connection between the elements of heaven and earth.

Many important buildings, such as temples and palaces, were built on a square foundation. Whole towns - e.g., Beijing in China and Mannheim in Germany - were designed in chessboard fashion, to make it easier to keep control over the inhabitants as well as strangers coming into or leaving the city.

In feng shui, the square is assigned to the element Earth. It stands for the earth (yang) and for the human body. The square is also considered an ideal design for homes. It provides peace, safety and stability.

Magic squares are known as part of the mystical symbolism of numbers in the Far East and the West and are used in feng shui as a basis for calculations and identification.


  • Square flowerpots outside the front door to symbolize and invite peacefulness
  • Inside a circle as a symbol of heaven and earth
  • As a border for a mandala.

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