Semiprecious Stones

Semiprecious stones are created by crystallization, erosion, and oxidation. Because of their structure, mineral content, and the resulting colors, they create very specific, radiating effects. Their harmonious system carries information that is transmitted to the environment. They communicate with us on a vital, vibrational level.

For an exchange of energy to take place, it is important that stones are not crowded and are in a place where they can be seen.

Different semiprecious stones in their natural state and shaped and polished by man can be used for a variety purposes: to increase well-being, divert negative influences, and distribute the flow of chi.


Agate provides protection, security, and certainty by stabilizing the environment against outside influences.

  • Geode: to be displayed prominently in living rooms or bedrooms
  • Slice: suspended or placed on a windowsill as a protection against outside influences; attached to the door of a bathroom to minimize the loss of energy.


The Amethyst has purifying and sobering effects. It strengthens judgment and brings to light sincerity and integrity.

  • Druse: to be displayed anywhere (should be large enough to complement the room); it cleanses the atmosphere.
  • Clusters: to support meditation.

Rock Crystal

Rock crystals provide neutrality and clarity, strengthen one's own pOint of view; and increase the effect of other stones.

  • Crystal or cluster of crystals: to be displayed in a room or house to bring clarity; on the desk to strengthen decision-making.
  • Pointed crystal: in the middle of a room to strengthen its center; on a windowsill to guide the flow of energy.


Fluorite stimulates self-determination and helps one to remain resolute in case of injustice and oppression.

  • In clusters or individually: on the desk to promote good study habits.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz increases endurance and concentration.

  • In clusters or individually: as a paperweight on the desk.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz promotes openness and generosity toward oneself (love of self) and others, and strengthens empathy.

  • Unpolished stone: as decoration on the night stand; or on the dining room or living room table to promote a sense of fellowship among visitors.

Ba Gua Area:
Semiprecious stones can be placed almost anywhere, depending on the desired effect. There are no limits-use your imagination and creativity.


  • To avoid unwanted side effects, make sure that a crystal or a cluster of crystals with sharp points is not pointing at a person's bed, place at the table, etc.
  • Cleaning Crystals: Crystal clusters, druse, and geodes are self-contained, closed systems and clean themselves. This is why the amethyst druse is perfect for cleaning other stones. You simply put it in the middle. To remove dust, use a small brush.

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