Sea Salt


Sea salt (fine or coarse grains) is helpful for cleansing chi and stabilizing the flow of chi through your home. It is readily available from health food shops and most supermarkets.

Humans have a strong evolutionary connection to salt, from the time when we lived in the sea. Most of our body fluids have a salty taste. Sea salt connects to the salt in your blood, sweat and tears, potentially having a powerful influence on your inner chi.

The salt will draw in chi from the room, taking away with it any stagnant, stale chi.


  • Put two tablespoons of sea salt in small ramekin dishes, and place these in the north-east and south-west parts of your home. The salt in the ramekins needs changing every two months.
  • Alternatively, sprinkle some salt on the floor before you go to bed, and vacuum it up the next day or throw it out of your home.
  • Try putting a small sachet of salt over your navel or in the waistband of your trousers, in order to feel more secure.

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