A pond in a garden represents the feng shui element Water and as a feng shui symbol brings wealth and prosperity to the occupants of the house. A pond stocked with fish is ideal for bringing good fortune.

When designing a pond, be sure to pay particular attention to the following:

  • A pond needs care, which is time-consuming; if you don't have the time it is better to discard the idea because muddy, brackish water attracts bad luck and financial and health problems.
  • The size and shape of the pond have to fit harmoniously into the environment. A pond should not be too small or too large. At a maximum it can be as large as the house.
  • To keep the pond ecologically balanced, add water plants, grasses, and fish-all of which help to keep the water fresh and clean.
  • one or boulder in the pond allows water to move gently about, creating a relaxing atmosphere.
  • A fountain in the pond increases vitality and stimulates, particularly if the fountain is illuminated.


  • On your land, to strengthen the feng shui element Water in the environment
  • As a symbol of wealth and prosperity
  • To add yin (a calm pond) or yang (a pond with a fountain)
  • As part of a garden design, to balance a missing area of the house (for instance, when the Wealth area is missing).

Ba Gua Areas:

  • Wealth
  • Career (with moving water)


  • The water in the pond has to be kept fresh and clean.
  • Do not place a pond on the right side of the house (right when seen from the inside).

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