Pine Tree

Feng Shui Tree - Pine Tree

The evergreen pine tree appears to be fresh and bright, even when very old. It is the most popular tree in Chinese art.

Because it survives even the coldest winter and never sheds its needles, it is a perfect symbol of eternal friendship, durability, and long life. The tree has a similarly prominent place in Chinese poetry:

Confucius wrote about the pine tree: "Its stillness is what lengthens its life."

Together with the plum and the bamboo, the pine tree belongs to the "three friends of winter."

A pine tree depicted together with a crane symbolizes the last years of a long life. This makes the pine tree a favorite to plant at a grave site.

Decorating the house with a pine branch and green plants during the cold and harsh days of winter is an ancient Chinese tradition, which is not unlike the symbolism of the evergreen tree at Christmas in the West.

Feng shui favors pine trees' being planted at the entrance to the house or the garden. However, they should not grow too tall when mature, and should blend harmoniously with the total design.


  • As a pair, potted next to the entrance
  • As larger individual trees at the back of the house. Here the pine tree can take over the function of the black turtle (protection).

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