The peach was brought from the Orient in the 1st century AD. In China, it is the strongest symbol of immortality and longevity.

The peach blossom is the symbol of young innocent girls, but also of capricious, easily seduced women. The expression "peach blossom foolishness" refers to the confusion of puberty.

Peach Blossom Plant

Peach wood is believed to be effective in driving away evil spirits, and is therefore used extensively to make pens and writing materials. It is also the best wood for constructing Feng Shui deflectors such as the Bagua mirrors. This gave rise to the tradition of placing peach tree branches in front of the house on New Year's day to keep evil spirits away. The wood was also used to carve divine gate guardians that were placed in front of the gate for protection.

One of the most important house gods-Sau-holds a peach in his hand as a symbol of immortality.

"Peach blossom eyes" is the expression frequently used to describe the gaze of lover.


  • Arranged in a fruit bowl in the kitchen or on the dinner table
  • Placing a picture of peaches in one's room will create the chi of marriage - single men and women of the family will have enhanced marriage opportunities.
  • Display a jadeite peach plant in the Southwest to bring you marriage happiness.

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