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In Office Feng Shui, our office is like a Command Central; you must claim and enhance your authority in your career domain.

It is important to choose a real 'business style' desk that gives you a sense of power and authority. Yur desk is the primary 'power symbol' in your office. So you must choose one that you love, that looks good, and that feels great to sit behind as you survey your kingdom.

Make sure you place it in a good position in the room or workspace that you have dedicated to be your office. Ideally, to get good office Feng Shui, the room should have a real door that closes, and even locks.

The Commanding Position
Office Feng Shui

The fundamental principle of power desk placement is called "commanding position" in Office Feng Shui. A weak desk position makes your path more difficult than necessary by creating hidden obstacles. A powerful commanding position harmonizes and focuses the energy in your space. It utilizes your sensory awareness and your physical relationship to your environment in a way that enhances your sense of protection and safety, your personal power, and your career abundance.

Commanding position energetically puts you in command of your environment and the situations that occur within it. It also enhances your leadership and authority. If you work with others, it makes you less likely to be interfered with or sabotaged by attacks and backbiting.

But a commanding position should not be overdone, like those trucks you see driving around on five-foot-tall tires, requiring a ladder for riders to climb into the cab.

Benito Mussolini was famous for his exaggerated use of the commanding position method. He had his desk placed with his back to the wall at the far end of an enorĀ¬mous marble hall. When someone was ushered into his office, they had to cross nearly a hundred feet of highly polished marble to his desk. This is commanding-position overkill; real power requires a balanced perspective. We should be in command of our life, not obsessively trying to dominate others.

Gather Maximum Chi
Office Feng Shui

To employ commanding position in Office Feng Shui, first place your chair as far from the door as you practically can. The more space between you and the door, the more territory you command. (But don't use a vast marble hall as your office!) You also have maximum time to notice what's happening at the entrance, see who is approaching, and react appropriately.

This principle accommodates our evolutionarily programmed need to be aware of our environment, and to be ready and able to respond to both danger and opportunity.

And it wotks whether or not you're consciously aware of it, or even believe in it. From an energy perspective, locating yourself farthest from the door puts you in a position to gather maximum chi, and gives you an enhanced strategic position. This usually means that you will be sitting in the opposite corner from the door. If the door is in the center of the wall, you can choose either corner.

Seeing the DoorNext, you want to be able to see the door clearly from your sitting position. This is critically important, as you inherently want to know who or what is approaching you. This is survival instinct, and you are subject to it whether you know it or not. Place your desk so that you see the door in your forward field of vision, and don't have a door or an entryway behind you or at your side. If your office has multiple doors, endeavor to sit where you can see the main door; you can also use the mirror tip below to put any other doors within view.

See a Wider ViewThe above position should be integrated with the companion principle of seeing the widest scope of the room possible. Sit facing the main expanse of the room, not with your back to the door. This helps for two reasons. It bolsters the subconscious feelings of security and control mentioned above. Also, seeing a wider vista expands your perspective, inspires greater optimism, and supports a future-oriented vision.

Sit Outside the Door LineYou will automatically observe the next maxim if you have followed the first three, but it's important enough to emphasize on its own: The desk should be outside the direct line of the door. If you sit directly in the path of the door, you become vulnerable, and therefore not in command. If this isn't feasible, the cure is to hang a faceted crystal sphere halfway between the door and the desk.

Enjoy Good BackingAn additional point of emphasis for desk positioning is to sit with your back to a solid wall. This is the same principle as positioning a fort in front of a mountain for protection. The mountain provides solid backing and a sense of support, as attackers are less likely to come over a mountain. In the same way, no one can attack you from behind when your back is to the wall. (If they can walk through walls, you don't have a chance anyway, so don't worry about it.)

Conversely, sitting with your back to a window or door creates unnecessary vulnerability and distracts your awareness, subtly drawing your attention backward. If you must sit in this position, apply this cure: hang a crystal sphere or wind chime between yourself and the door or window behind you.

The height of your chair back also relates to your success. It is recommended that the back of your chair go up at least to shoulder level for strength and protection. If the back extends as high as the top of your head, this is even stronger.

When you place the front of your desk directly against a wall, as is the case in many home desk setups, you lose the view in front of you, you feel blocked (because you are), and you diminish your future-oriented vision. Some feel that having their desk against a window affords them the view and corresponding freedom of thought and creativity. It's a nice theory but one that doesn't seem to hold up in practice.

If you have this feeling, I suggest you employ a commanding position that additionally provides a pleasing outer view from a side window or one opposite your desk position.

In a corporate cubicle, you have little choice as to your desk position, and you must depend on Feng Shui cures to bridge the gap.

Due to design limitations, you may have little choice as to your setup at home. In either case, if your back is to the door or entrance, there is an effective cure. Place the largest mirror possible in a position that enables you to see the entryway to your space from your typical sitting position. If you need to cover multiple angles or entries to your space, use a large convex mirror.

Effective mirror placement puts your door visually in front of you, which is the preferred position. While this cure is not as good as physically facing the door, it is a good solution yielding true benefits.

Another element to take into account in power desk positioning is the angle at which you place your desk. Since the commanding position is usually near a corner, you can place your desk so that your back is to whichever of the walls feels best.

If you have windows on more than one wall, and proper placement in relation to the door requires that you have your back to a window, choose the smallest window; if the windows are the same size, place your back to the window that opens onto the quietest, least trafficked area.

Office Feng Shui

To help your career take off like a 747, place your desk at an angle, with the corner behind you (see picture). Use this only if it is practical in the space you have, considering all factors. To enhance this angled desk position you can put a plant in the corner behind your chair. You can also place a standing lamp behind the chair that arches up and over the desk. Having a powerful desk position In a settled location is important, as it imparts a sense of stability and belonging. You don't want to feel like a refugee in your own office.

Also, if you are sitting a little low in relation to your tabletop, you may find that you are missing various opportunities and being overlooked.

Consider placing a small platform under your chair, which will raise you to an ergonomically acceptable level in relation to your desk. This platform is a symbol of kingship and confidence. Even if you don't feel confident at first and don't feel that you can get the job of your dreams, you will be attracting this kind of energy to yourself by sitting on your platform, and eventually you will feel able to take control of your life and aim high.

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