Extended or Missing Wealth Corner

Feng Shui Wealth Corner

In Black Hat Feng Shui System, the Wealth Corner lies in the back left corner from the front door.

Feng Shui Wealth Corner

Missing Wealth Corner
If the wealth corner is missing, good luck may seem as if it is passing you by. Without this sector you may find yourself down on your luck and struggling financially. You may well be on the sidelines while others seem to have all the success and opportunities. There may also be unnecessary drains on your financial resources - high rent, high maintenance costs, high demands on your pocket or even legal costs that drain your cash.

What is a Missing Area?

Extended Wealth Corner
A very auspicious sign - There will be huge potential for success, luck, prosperity and good health. Opportunities could literally swamp you. However, take care not to take on too much in too many directions as this could drain your energy, vitality and reserves in the long term.

Questions to Ask Yourself
How is your luck at present? Are plenty of opportunities coming your way? Do you feel you are being overlooked and left out at present? Do others around you seem to be more lucky than you? How is your financial situation? Do you have a healthy cash flow? Do you have adequate savings for the future? Are you open to a life of surprises and opportunities that could lead to prosperity and success?

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