Feng Shui Helpful People - Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers


The Helpful People Corner is the ideal part of your home or office to place your communications centre, whether merely a telephone or a more sophisticated system.

When you work from home it can be especially hard to maintain communication with the outside world, so make every effort to stimulate this sector favourably.

  • During office hours, try keeping a light on in this sector.
  • If you are attempting to initiate sales abroad, consider placing a globe here.
  • Decor that supports Metal includes all shades of white, cream, silver, grey and gold.
  • Metallic items likes coins and gold bars are good for this corner. Here's one powerful method of enhancing your incomes, tie three coins together with red thread to energise the coins. Place them in this Metal element corner.
  • Solid yang metallic objects such as bronzes bring stability to this sector. Windchimes are also considered auspicious.
  • If you make a wealth vase, hide it somewhere in this corner.
  • Crystals, from the Soil/Earth element will also help to support the Metal element.
  • Keep the sector clear of all dust, dirt, debris and wastepaper baskets.
    • Caution

      The Water Element will exhaust the Metal Element of Helpful People Corner. It is not good to have water in this corner. Avoid using candles as Fire melts Metal within the Five Elements system.

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