Imbalance in Green Dragon and White Tiger

The Dragon relates to the left-hand side, symbolising power. The Tiger relates to the right-hand side, symbolising negative qualities.

Just as you have two sides of the coin, light and dark, and so on, so one side of the house belongs to the Tiger and the other to the Dragon. You try to shift the balance in your favour by placing more things on the Dragon side to enhance power.


A house is flanked on either side by houses of a similar size or taller, detached houses. Help is always close at hand.

In general, accentuate the positive influence of the Dragon by placing important items on the left-hand side of desks or the left-hand side of a room (as you enter through its main door), for example.

This influence can be shown in the position of your home in relation to other houses. Looking out from the door of the house, to the left, the predominating influence is of the Green Dragon, which is the masculine. Its feminine counterpart, the White Tiger, rules on the right-hand side.

If the houses to the right of your house stand taller or closer together, or there are more houses to the right than to the left, the White Tiger predominates. This indicates that the women of the house have greater influence. There is no need to try to aim for a perfect balance between these influences, but you may find the following examples amusing if you assess the likely circumstances of the houses you pass.

Strong Dragon Influence


The Tiger is on the right of the house and these houses are smaller. The Dragon is on the left of the house and these houses are taller. The Tiger is lower than the Dragon, so the masculine influence predominates and the man is dominant. This situation is fine because the Dragon is a benevolent force.

House With No Tiger Influence


If a house has two houses on the left and none on the right, the male will be especially dominant. The house will have some luck, but it will come in a trickle because there is no Tiger.

In Feng Shui, both should be present, but the Dragon must be more powerful. Applying general Feng Shui principles to the house will have a positive influence.

House with Strong Tiger Influence


There are three houses to the right and only one to the left.

The influence of the Dragon is much less than the influence of the Tiger. Again the feminine influence is predominant and the female occupants will enjoy better luck than the men in the house.

House With Too Much Tiger Influence


If a house has a very large building to the right-hand side, the negative influence of the Tiger is great and the occupants will constantly argue amongst themselves.

They can place a free hanging piece of crystal on the bedroom window that looks directly on to the building to project dancing dots of sunlight on to the bedroom walls. Alternatively, place a dragon ornament on the left-hand side of the living room.

Solitary House

A house standing alone is without help or support, and its occupants must therefore be self-reliant.

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