Feng Shui Wealth Corner


The Wealth corner relates to money, prosperity and abundance in all areas of life. It also relates to self-empowerment. You see, money gives you the freedom so you do not have to kowtow to your boss or our partner or parents. If you ever feel that you need to get someone wealthy to take care of you, there is something lacking in this area.

What constitute Wealth?
Although cash is nice, Wealth is not only associated with having lot of money. True abundance takes many forms and wealth equals abundance in all things. It's amazing how right when you realize this, more good stuff begins to start flowing back into our lives.

Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers

The element Water supports this sector. It is also a universal symbol of wealth & properity.

  • You can consider a Feng Shui water feature or fountain.
  • You can also stimulate wealth chi by adding an aquarium with 9 gold fish.
  • You can also place a nice sounding wind chime in the Wealth corner of your home. It can symbolically call forth a message, such as the request for wealth.
  • If you have been facing chaotic or ungrounded money situation, you can use stones to stabilize your financial condition.
  • You should also look into the placement of the stove in your home. Traditionally, the stove is intimately linked to the wealth and health of the household.
  • Flowering plants are good this corner. When flowers bloom, they will bring wonderful vibrant energy associated with success.

  • Plants represent the Wood element. To energize this sector, you can purchase a healthy Feng Shui money plant, also known as the jade plant or Crassula ovata. These hardy succulents need little water and with time grow steadily and potentially can blossom up to twice a year.
  • The colors should be light greens and mixtures of greens and blues, including mauve, light purple and light burgundy. Images that are uplifting, energizing and inspiring help to promote this sector.
  • Clutter and unused items in the Wealth area of your home can create stuck chi or stagnant energy. Free this energy by organizing or clearing them out. Today, buckaroo! Piles of debris in the back left of the yard can also block your abundance.This is definitely not the area to keep your excess baggage, unwanted newspapers or waste basket!


The Fire Element will exhaust the Wood Element of Wealth Corner. It is not good to have bright lights over here.

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