Feng Shui Water Fountain

Feng Shui Water Fountain

A Feng Shui water fountain brings bring more movement into your garden, creating a more active flow of Chi. Whereas Metal Chi represents money, moving water Chi is associated with the movement of money.

Similar to the water feature, there are a few points to take note of:

  • The water should always be clean, fresh, unpolluted and moving. If not, the water will become stagnant and Chi around your house will also become stagnant.
  • Note the direction in which the fountain lies from the centre of your home. It is most beneficial to have it located to the east (ie. Health & Family), south-east (ie. Prosperity & Wealth) or North (ie. Career & Path in Life), where it will help build up the wood chi of these direction.
  • Placing a fountain in front of your home is an excellent way to attract flowing money energy and help conduct it into your home. Since the moving water near the main entrance is positive for wealth, this is particularly good place to locate your exterior fountain, as long as it doesn't block the path into the house.
  • Based on the Bagua, the Wealth Gua is located at the back left corner of your house, bedroom or office. Since the Chi circulates in your Wealth Gua is a major contributor to your personal wealth situation, placing a Feng Shui water fountain in one or more of your Wealth Guas is an easy and powerful cure.

Feng Shui Wealth Gua

  • Generally, a copper fountain is a preferred because metal supports water in the Creative Cycle. Stone, cement, and ceramic fountains energetically block the water element. To remedy that, add some kind of metal in or around these kinds of fountains to support the water chi. For example, you could add nine coins to a stone fountain, or set a ceramic fountain on top of a metal patio table.
  • To bring Chi energy into your home (this symbolizes money flowing into your home), the water should flow towards the main entrance of your home. If it is flowing away from your home, it will reduce the chi energy inside your home, and so will your wealth energy.
  • The sound produced by the fountain should be pleasing to your ears. The sound should not be too loud or hushed. You can adjust the water level in the fountain, fine-tune the speed of the flow so that it makes the right kind of pleasing sound.

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