Feng Shui Water Feature

Feng Shui water feature (small pond, miniature fountain, water fall and aquarium of auspicious fish such as the gold fish) is useful if life seems a bit of a struggle and nothing is flowing.

Water features symbolize stored, accumulated wealth. If the water is clear, it symbolizes a clear, calm state of mind and a clean financial picture; if cloudy or turbulent, it creates mental turmoil and a less healthy financial picture. When applied correctly, it is a powerful prosperity generator and will generally bring more opportunity to every aspect of your life.

Feng Shui Water Feature

To benefit from a water feature in your house, take note of the following:

  • Generally speaking, these sectors will benefit from the placement of a water feature:
    • North Sector: Career or Business Success; Increase of Income. This is the most beneficial because this sector represents the Water element.
    • Southeast Sector: Overall Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance. Water benefits the wood element.
    • East Sector: Family Harmony and Health. Similarly, water benefits the Wood element.
  • Do not place a water feature in the South sector. In feng shui, the South is your Fame and Reputation sector and the element is Fire. You can therefore imagine what will happen when you bring the water feature into the Fire element(South sector)
  • It is also bad feng shui to have a water feature in your bedroom.
  • Do not have water directly behind the house because this symbolize losing opportunity.
  • Taken from the inside looking out, the water feature should not be placed on the right hand side of the main front door.

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