Feng Shui Stones - Wealth

Placing heavy items such as Feng Shui Stones or statues in the Wealth corner of your home can be useful if your financial situation is chaotic or ungrounded.

A large potted plant can also create a grounding and balancing effect in this location. As you put the cure in place, it is helpful to visualize yourself experiencing greatly increased financial calmness. See a smooth orderly condition, with plenty of actual income and your bills being paid in time.

Feng Shui Stones

Be sure to use a sense of balance when choosing the items for this cure. If your wealth life is in upheaval, it probably won't be effective to place a 1" diameter pebble in the Wealth corner. On the other hand, be sure not to put such a huge object in an inside wealth corner that it blocks or stagnates your wealth energy. If you are going to place a stones on the wealth corner of a very small room, a small stones as shown in the picture will be sufficient.

When you use stones and rocks as wealth cures, those with smooth edges are recommended over those with sharp, jagged edges which can symbolically cut your money.

Feng Shui Stones - Marriage and Relationship

If your relationship could use additional depth or grounding, place a solid stone, heavy statue or other strong object in your bedroom's Marriage & Relationships corner. It will help when doing this cure to visualize your relationship becoming settled and solid.

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