Tips About Feng Shui Picture

When you choose a Feng Shui picture, first consider those that are harmonious in terms of color and subject matter.

Paintings of pleasant landscapes (and other subjects) that show skill and include flowing lines and harmonious blends of color are a desirable addition to any home and office.

The size of the artwork should be comparable to the areas. i.e. Place large paintings or statues in areas with a lot of space.

This is not only for aesthetic reasons-it also stems from an understanding of the balance between yin (passive) and yang (aggressive) energy in a room.

A piece of art, particularly if it is large or uses a lot of reds, oranges, and gold, is akin to yang energy; and requires, as balance, a lot more space (yin energy). Always choose a brightly colored piece of art for large spaces or to brighten a dark area.

Scenes of battles, storms, and broken objects are "No No" unless you enjoy never-ending conflicts and low morale at your workplace or family.

It is recommended that pictures in the bedroom do not feature water scenes and placid lakes. The energy of a bedroom is yin in energy because it is designed for rest.

A picture of a water scene, being also yin in energy; may unbalance the flow of qi in your personal space, and may affect your energy levels and also undermine your health.

Picture for Wealth

The ocean is a universal representation of prosperity. Since ancient times, a bountiful harvest from the sea meant that there would be plentiful in the months ahead. To tap into this symbolic energy, you can place a photo or painting of fisherman hauling in full nets from the sea near your entrance, or in any Wealth Gua in your home.

The image of red bat is also considered as a symbol of great wealth. Chinese pronounce the word "red bat" similar to "great wealth". Feng Shui Picture You can also enhance your flow of money with a picture of a waterfall near the entrance of the house. After you have hung the picture, visualize abundance money pouring continuously and easily into your life, like endlessly flowing water.

For greater effect with this cure, you should visualize enjoying an abundant life.

Avoid pictures of turbulent water - they will have a negative effect on your wealth, making your finances unstable.

Picture for Career

Unless you enjoy clearing obstacles in your business, pictures of mountains should not be placed directly in front of where you work, or directly in front of the entrance to your work or business space. These will create an obstructive energy.

Place a picture of mountains at your back - this will encourage feelings of strength and support, and is an especially effective cure if you suffer from lower back problems at work.

Pictures that encourage success in your workplace include photographs or images in any medium of animals that are related in feng shui, to abundance, such as fish, pheasants, phoenixes, boars, or toads.

If you hang a picture of a large open field in front of you, the picture symbolises the bright hall, as well as absence of obstacles.

A painting of a river or stream in front of you symbolizes good fortune. However, never hang paintings of rivers, lakes or waterfalls behind you. Feng Shui Picture A picture of 8 or 9 fish represents growth and movement, and also healthy competition in business. Idea lly, at least one of the fish should be black to protect your health and career. This is best used to increase your earnings.

Abstract Art

If you like abstract art piece, check to make sure its colors do not clash with the element of the wall. eg. You should hang bright red (Fire Element) in the wood corner (eg. Wealth Corner).

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