Feng Shui Money Tree


Feng Shui Money tree attracts wealth and prosperity. Look at its leave - it has five large green foliages which symbolize the 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Therefore, it is used to attract fortune and wealth by activating energy of missing elements.

Feng Shui Item: Golden Money Tree



Jade Plant

The Jade plant is also known as the money plant. The succulent leaves of the plant resembled jade, a kind of precious stone. Chinese value this plant and many successful businessmen will have this plant near the entrance of their restaurants or shops.

Feng Shui Money Tree

Traditionally, the money plant can be placed at:

  • Near where the money are (e.g. Cash register or your save)
  • The Southeast corner of your home to energize the money luck of this corner.
  • The Northwest corner of your home to receive helpful people in your life
  • The East side to activate the growth energies of the Wood element.
  • It can also be placed at your outdoor garden or lawn space. Consult the bagua map to see which location is more useful to you.

The Feng Shui money plant will generate powerful and robust Chi energy if you take good care of it. Make sure it has some sun light and water it regularly.

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