Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

We can use Feng Shui mirror placement to improve the Feng Shui of our house.

Mirrors are associated with water chi. They can redirect chi and keep it moving. Therefore, mirrors are ideal in rooms that are dark, because they reflect the available light and chi back into the room.

In small or narrow rooms, large mirrors give the impression that the room is wider than it actually is. Hang the mirrors on the longer walls, to create the impression that the proportions of the room are closer to a square.

It is important that all mirror used in your home are crystal clear, clean and distortion-free. Mirrors represent the mind and influence our self-image. Mirrors should also be free of chips, cracks, smokiness, glazing and etching.

What to avoid in Feng Shui mirror placement?

  • Avoid positioning mirrors so that they are directly opposite a door or window, as they will reflect the chi back out of your home again.
  • Two mirrors opposite each other risk chi bouncing back and forth, creating a more frantic atmosphere.
  • Convex mirrors are round, fish-eye ones that help disperse chi energy. Use them where your stairs lead straight to your front door, or in a long corridor.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement - Bedroom

In western bedrooms, mirrors are common.

Most dressers and vanities come with matching mirrors, and there is usually a full-length mirror on the back of a door or somewhere else in the room so one can check their "look" before leaving the house.

The use of mirrors is debatable: while not all feng shui experts believe mirrors are powerful, many practitioners see them as inauspicious. Some experts feel they are acceptable in children's rooms, but all agree that they should be avoided in couple's rooms.

Mirrors are said to reflect aggressive energy into the bedroom and strain the relationship of the couple who sleeps there; they can also cause bad relationship luck to the single person.

A mirror that faces a bed is particularly unsettling; as a rule of thumb, you should not be able to see your reflection while in bed.

Luckily, you do not have to give up all of your mirrors. Simply place full-length mirrors on the inside of closet doors (which can be shut when not needed) and limit other mirrors to small-sized versions. In feng shui, an object's power is relative to its size; thus a small mirror has less negative power than a large mirror.

Couples who like to use mirrors during lovemaking are encouraged to either use a separate "play bedroom" for this purpose, or to cover the mirrors with curtains or fabric when not in use.

Mirror Placement for Stove

Mirror are placed near the stove to protect the wealth creation power. When the cook is cooking, he should not be startled by anyone, even in a subtle way. If the cook is startled, the Chi of the food will be upset. And this will lead to health and wealth problems, accidents and illnesses in the home.

Therefore, we should avoid placing the stove so that the cooks will have their backs to the kitchen door, not allowing them to see who is approaching.

If this happens, place a mirror on the wall behind your stove. This mirror enables cooks to see who is approaching from behind. This added sense of safety and protection will mean more wealth for you.

If the mirror is extended to reflect the burners, you symbolically double the number of burners - which generate more wealth. This doubling effect is like a booster of money energy for the household.

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