Tips for a Good Feng Shui Living Room


A good Feng Shui living room is the focus of family activities - we relax, listen to music, watch television and entertain our guests in this room.

feng shui family

Some living room may also have a dining area attached. Since the living room is where the family and friends most often gathered, it is considered as among the most important sites for creating positive feng shui. Any changes made there will also affect the Feng Shui of the whole household.

  • Decluttering Session Do it regularly and keep your living room clutter free.
  • Bagua Map Overlay the bagua map on your living room.Sometimes, you will discover some interesting things, for instance, the reason why you have been passed for a promotion or pay raise at work may be due to a clutter in your Feng Shui wealth corner.
  • Feng Shui Water Feature or Gold Fish Can help you gain progress in certain aspects of your life.
  • Lighting The design of the living room should create an easy, relaxing atmosphere. Organize your lights to enhance this.
  • Furniture Placement A good furniture placement will shield you from undesirable Chi (eg. the rush of energy coming from a doorway or large window). It also prevents beneficial Chi from being cut through by sharp corners or angular objects.
  • Too many hard corners? If you have lots of hard corners in your living room, try adding triangular-shaped shelves n the corners; then add decorative items in various shapes and textures. This will soften the edges of the room, lessening the effects of harshly converging Chi.

A living room energized according to feng shui principles will ensure excellent luck for the residents. Natural materials, lots of colour and a pleasant view will give your living room an energetic feel.

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