Feng Shui Knowledge Sector - Cures and Enhancers


In an ideal world, you would place your desk either in the north-east sector of your home or the north-east sector of a room. Support the imagery of a Mountain and stillness by paintings and images that support this. No photographs of Formula 1 racing cars spinning off the track! The best colours are beige, darker blues and darker shades of green.


Knowledge and self-development is about our inner hunger and thirst.

  • You can represent this by having an empty receptacle close by to symbolise receptivity. For example, you can choose an earthenware vessel, such as a vase, a trinket box, or a decorative bowl.
  • If you are looking for inspiration, incorporate lighting that is drawn from the Fire element, such as candles or uplighters. Remember that in the Five Element theory, Fire supports Earth.
  • To energise this sector. which is supported by the element Earth, you can use crystals. Both natural crystals and man-made crystals are equally effective. Place them in this Earth corner to help attain academic success.
  • Place a pagoda made of ceramic or crystal or glass in this corner (e.g. the Knowledge Corner of the children's bedroom) will help you to enhance the concentration span of your children. This will help them get better grades at school. You may want to consider having at least one pagoda in each child's room.


The Metal Element will exhaust the Earth Element of Knowledge Corner. It is not good to have too many metallic objects in this corner.

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