Feng Shui House Numbers

Feng Shui house numbers have significant symbolic meanings to the Chinese. Chinese believe that some are lucky and some are unlucky numbers. This is especially so for Chinese businessmen or those who plan to buy a house.

Generally, the number four is one to be avoided. In Mandarin, the number four sounds like "death". According to Chinese belief, if a number is homophonous with an ominous word, then it is unlucky to use that number. This applies to house numbers, vehicle registration plates, phone number or a residential or business address.

Chinese people do not like to have their house numbers or vehicle registration plates with the number four because it could cause a misfortune to the family or lead to fatal accident.

In Hong Kong or Chinese populated areas, some real estate developers will omit the entire number 4 in the floor numbers of their high-rise residential buildings. So much so that a building may have 50 floors according to the buttons in the elevator but only 36 in reality.

For someone who are looking for buy a house, they will try to avoid the number 4 in their house number or street address. It is known that the number 4 can have a decreasing effect on the value of the property.

Other inauspicious numbers are 5 and 6. In mandarin, the number 5 is pronounced as wu;, which has the same meaning as "nothing". However, if you combine 5 with the number 4 to form the number 54, it means "will not die".

If you ask me what is by far the most feared number in Chinese superstition. That's the number fourteen. When both numbers are read separately, they sound like "will die easily." If you add a five in front, it is even more destructive. The string 514 is pronounced the same way as "I will die easily.".

Good Feng Shui House Numbers

The number three and eight are considered to bring good luck and success. Especially the number eight. It is greatly welcomed by the Chinese. In Cantonese, it sounds like Fa which means wealthy and good fortune. Therefore, the number eight is a favorite with Chinese businessman. Vehicle registration plates and phone numbers with many eights are considered to be fortunate. The apartment with a good Feng Shui house number of "8888" will definitely fetch a much higher price than other units.

The number nine is pronounced Jiu; in Chinese that means perpetual and permanent. The meaning is auspicious for Chinese who wish for something everlasting.

Number sequences composed of different numbers may also have positive or negative connotations. For example, 168, can be translated as "smooth prosperity" or "road to prosperity."

518 can be read as "I will prosper." Other variations using the same numbers include: 5189 - which mean "I will enjoy everlasting prosperity." and this is definitely considered as an auspicious Feng Shui house numbers.

Interestingly, Chinese also learn from the Western that the number 13 will bring a string of bad luck. Therefore, some Chinese hotels are often missing the thirteenth floor. In some hotel, when you get on an elevator and pass the floor number 12,, you will not find yourself on the 14th, but on the 15th floor. Your probably know why - because 14 is as inauspicious as 13.

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