Feng Shui Gold Fish

Feng Shui gold fish (and similarly so do other Feng Shui fish) is symbol of wealth and prosperity - the Chinese word for `fish' (yu) has the same pronunciation as `abundance, affluence'.

Feng Shui Fish

Because of what the fish symbolizes, many people in China have an aquarium inside the house or a small pond outside, hoping to increase their chances for wealth and good fortune. Almost all Chinese restaurants have an aquarium. If you do not have an aquarium or pond, a picture, vase, shade, or porcelain figure of fish serves the same purpose.

Hoping that the coming year will be one of abundance, people in China eat fish on New Year's Day. Giving a card or a picture of a fish together with a lotus flower means: "May you live in abundance year after year." A pair of fish swimming together signifies marital harmony and a good symbol for newly weds.

Traditionally the Chinese place eight Feng Shui gold fish and one black gold fish in an aquarium to attract money. The number 8 represents prosperity in Feng Shui. If a black fish dies for no obvious reason like insufficient food, poor water or lack of oxygen, it is believed that the dead fish has absorbed some bad luck that was coming your way. Another good number to use is 9, or a multiple of 9 (e.g. 18). The number 9 is a very powerful number. It represents culmination and completion.

You can also supercharge your fishbowl with 9 real or fake gold coins. Sprinkle them on the gravel bed of your aquarium. The best number of coins to use is a multiple of 9.

Alternatively, some geomancers believe that a tank of black fish (e.g. goldfish) can be placed at an inauspicious place to ward off bad influences.

It is critical that the water is moving (or yang) and not stagnant (or yin). This is because a stagnant fish tank will produce stagnant chi - and this means you are creating a problem instead of a Feng Shui remedy. Therefore, it may be wise to add an air pump to create constant movement. Fish also provides a symbolic function - the golden scales of the gold fish introduce a touch of Metal element and this is the symbolism of wealth. Feng Shui Gold Fish Besides the gold fish, another famous Feng Shui wealth fish is the arrowana, or dragon fish. The purest breeds are known to command quite high fees. The arrowana should not be kept in pairs but in singly or in three or fives. When the arrowanna is healthy, it will emit a pink or golden glow. This is said to bring good fortune. The arrowana is best kept in the career corner (water element), the Wealth corner (wood element) and the Family Corner (wood element).

Besides these fish, the koi are just as effective, as well as a pleasure to look at.

The double fish symbol is also said to possess strong protective energies and it is a good enhancer of good Sheng Chi.

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