All about good Feng Shui front door


A good Feng Shui front door should project a positive first impression to your visitors. It is also the "Mouth of Chi" for Chi to enter and spread throughout your house and its immediate surroundings.

When the chi enters your home through the front door, it needs sufficient space to circulate freely so it can be evenly distributed throughout the rooms.

If chi is blocked at this initial stage its flow is disrupted and its beneficial effect weakened. Cramped or dark halls and stairways also encourage the accumulation of negative energy, which becomes trapped. Do not overcrowd halls or stairs with unnecessary furniture or objects, and if natural light cannot enter make sure the area is well-lit and brightly decorated. A clear, inviting doorway means a happy, cheerful and open spirit dwells within.


The path to your front door is preferably long and winding - symbolizing a "meandering stream". In other words, rather than having a path in a straight line leading to your front door, you will ideally want a path that slows down rushing Chi and allows visitors to stop and smell the flowers a bit.

Remember to send out the appropriate messages to the universe:

  • Wealth Place 3 Feng Shui Coins under your Welcome Mat signaling money is welcome here.
  • Romance If you want a new love relationship, place a wreath with a pink ribbon on it on your front door, and be sure to plant shrubs or trees in pairs by your door step.
  • Open to opportunities Place a wreath with red ribbon on your front door.
  • Be sure that all mechanical & electrical items near your front door is in working order. Light should be working, hinges should not squeak and sound of the door bell is pleasing to you.


If the front door opens on to a dark confined area, the circulation of chi into the main body of the house or apartment is cramped. This is considered as bad Feng Shui front door. Enliven the chi in this space with a healthy green-leafed plant, bright wall colours and a mirror (but do not place the mirror directly opposite the front door). In very dark hallways, a light should be kept on at all times.


The hallway or lobby is the main access for chi into the house or apartment, so the area should be kept clear of waste, crowded furniture and sharp, angular objects. Create light, spacious conditions to encourage the efficient circulation of energy in the rest of the home. The activity of wind chimes above the door also enlivens chi in this space.


If the front door opens directly on to a door leading into another room, do not open both doors at once, to prevent an overwhelming rush of chi into the house or apartment. A small entrance space, such as the one shown above, should also be kept clean, clear of clutter and well-lit.


Avoid placing mirrors or knife-like ornaments directly opposite the front door. They will reflect or cut through the incoming chi, and it's poor Feng Shui front door. (If you need to counteract negative forces here, use a small ornamental mirror.)


If the front door opens directly on to a staircase there is nothing to block or disperse negative energy entering the upper floors of the building. This bad Feng Shui front door design also enables chi to rush in, or down the stairs and travel straight out of the door. Do not leave the front door open, and create a screen with a large green-leafed plant or a piece of furniture. If, however, the house is very small and the stairs are part of the living room, chi will be able to reach the ground floor.


Stairs should be gently rising and evenly spaced with sufficient room at the foot of the stairs and on the landing for chi to become established and then circulate to other rooms and apartments. If the door of your room or apartment is very close to a flight of stairs, place a mirror over the door to deflect any negative forces.


Chi can be channelled too forcefully up narrow, straight stairs or unevenly dispersed on winding, irregular stairs. If you cannot alter the layout of the stairs, make sure that the area is clean, brightly lit and well decorated. Although mirrors can be used to deflect the flow of negative forces, do not hang one so that your head is cut off in the reflection. Greenery, lamps, flowers or pictures of landscapes can also be used to encourage beneficial energy.


  • Does the front door open into a bright, uncluttered space?
  • Does the front door open directly in line with an inner door?
  • Is there enough room in the hall or lobby for the smooth circulation of chi into the rest of the building?
  • Is there adequate lighting in the hall or lobby?
  • Is there a stairway close to the front door?
  • Is the staircase cramped, narrow or poorly lit?
  • Is there a landing at the top of the staircase?

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