Feng Shui Frog (Three-Legged Toad)


Feng Shui Frog (also known as the three-legged toad) is one of the most popular symbolic feng shui creatures. This good luck symbol, now often cast in resin or plaster, shows a toad missing one of its legs, sitting upon a pile of traditional curved gold ingots. Bearing a Chinese coin in its mouth, the toad is claimed to bring prosperity to its owner.

The legend behind the three-legged toad is an interesting one. Liu-hai, the Immortal, discovered a toad in the well in his garden, but as the toad had been wounded and had lost one of its back legs, it was unable to get out of the well. A water well is a very yin image - the toad within it is thus a very strong yin symbol. Liu-hai helped the toad, and in return it brought wealth to him. The coin in its mouth is from the treasure that it found and retrieved for Liu-hai. The theory is that by placing the toad comfortably in an inconspicuous place it should also bring treasure for you.

The three-legged toad (ha ma in Chinese) is a symbol of the moon, just as the raven is a symbol of the sun. Because the toad is reputed to live for a long time, and appears to reincarnate from its muddy tomb every spring, it also carries the meaning of longevity and reincarnation.

From a feng shui point of view, the most interesting thing about the feng shui frog is that, according to legend, if you scratch the earth with a toad's leg, a spring of water will gush forth from this spot. This belief is a poetic way of connecting the toad with secret underground water, and perhaps wealth.

Where to place the three-legged toad

Two of the recurrent questions asked about this toad are, "Should I put its image in my house facing inward or outward? Is it bringing wealth into the home, as in the story, or should it face the door to receive the wealth?"

The best position is in one of the corner, maybe diagonally opposite. The toad should be looking at the door as if to greet the wealth chi.

You can place a few toads in your house but preferably not more than nine. Avoid placing them at the bedroom (because bedroom is Yin in nature, and not a good place to energise wealth) and in the kitchen (you will burn away wealth).

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