Feng Shui Directions

There are 8 Feng Shui directions in the Eight Mansions Feng Shui system, ((Ba Zhai).

People are basically divided into 2 groups:

  • East Group, and
  • West Group

They are then sub-divided into 9 sub-categories (The Personal Kua). The personal Kua number can help you identify your favorable and unfavorable compass directions.

Here's how you can use your birth date to determine your personal kua number.

Once you know your personal kua number, you can check your auspicious and inauspicious direction from the following tables.

The 4 Auspicious and 4 Inauspicious Directions

According to the Eight Mansions Feng Shui System, there are 8 significant directions. Four are beneficial and four are harmful. Implementing your positive directions and avoiding the harmful one will lead you to good fortune.

Feng Shui Directions

Feng Shui Directions

More About the 4 Auspicious Directions

Sheng Chi (Life Generating Energy) This is the best direction and it means success in everything - money, love and family relationships, especially money and self-empowerment. This is an area which you should use for your bedroom or office.

Tian Yi (Doctor from Heaven) It means good health of mind and body. You should access this direction if you were suffering from a prolonged or inexplicable illness. It is also good to have the back of your stove (ie. where the power supply comes in) facing this direction.

Yan Nian (Longevity with Rich Descendants) This direction brings good relationships, romantic and increase the chances of having children.

Fu Wei (Star of Wisdom) This brings personal development and clarity. It is good for students or executives.

More About the 4 Inauspicious Directions

Huo Hai (Obstacles and Mishaps) This means you will lose more than you gain. For instance, you may win a court case but you will lose money and fame.

Wu Gui (Five Ghosts) You may suffer burglary, fire, mischief or any general attack upon yourself or your property. There will also be quarrels and misunderstanding at home and at work. Your employees will not be loyal.

Liu Sha (Six Killings) This direction represents missed opportunities, deceit, legal problems, and illness. People under the influence of Liu Sha are apt to suffer from insomnia, lack of focus, and lethargy and even become alcoholic. A bathroom or storeroom placed in this sector will suppress its negative effects.

Jue Ming (disaster) – This is the worst direction. These energies lead to harm and danger. In a business environment, it can lead to poor finances and poor productivity. Persons under this influence can experience difficulties in every endeavor and may suffer from depression, mental illness, accidents and suicidal feelings. Every care should be taken to avoid facing this direction.

Application Tips

Locating doors and Determine their facing

  • Main door should be in more of the auspicious area and facing the auspicious direction.
  • Bedroom doors can be facing Yen Nien direction.
  • Study doors should preferably be facing Sheng Qi direction.

locating rooms

  • Locate your important rooms (e.g. your office, your master bedroom)should preferably be located in the four auspicious areas.
  • Bedrooms should preferably be located in the Yen Nien area.
  • Study room should preferably be located in the Sheng Qi area.
  • Toilets can be located in any of the four inauspicious areas, symbolizing flushing away the undesirable Chi.
  • Kitchen can be located in any of the four inauspicious areas.

On desks and beds

  • Working desk should preferably be facing Sheng Qi direction or the Fu Wei direction.
  • Bed head should be orientated to face Tien Yi or Yen Nien.
  • Bed should be located in Tien Yi or Yen Nien area of the room.

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