Feng Shui Cures for Arguments

The Feng Shui cures for arguments highlighted here are very useful if you want to lower the feelings of agression among family members and work colleague.

In Feng Shui, when the energy flow of your home or office is disturbed, stagnant, or attacked by a poison arrow, there will be arguments. Arguments expend yang energy and can occur as a result of too much of this energy accumulating in one area, because of either a poison arrow or too many pieces of furniture cluttering the area.

During an argument, one tends to talk louder than than the others involved, instead of listening.

You can alleviate feelings of resentment by making sure that neither you nor other family members or work colleagues are standing or sitting with your back to a doorway.

If you are in the living room, make sure that there is an even number of chairs, and that you and your family are sitting in a position where you can see the doorway. This will lead all of you to seek and find solutions to your problems.

Make a note of where the arguments erupt in your home and your workplace. Check that these areas are not at the end of a longcorridor - a spot that suffers from hard-hitting poison arrowsgenerated by fast-moving chi. Energy that runs fast along a corridor negatively affects not only the corridor but also the area where the energy hits, usually a wall that is positioned perpendicular to the corridor. This energy also negatively affects the room or area on the other side of the wall. Note whether the argumentative person has a room - an office or a bedroom - at the end of a corridor. If possible, place some protective shields in this area, otherwise that person willliterally feel constantly under attack.

At the wall where the energy hits, place a lush, healthy-looking plant to disperse the residual negative energy that is leaking into the room, or hang a picture of an eagle as a protection against bad luck.

If the problem you are suffering from is family disruptions, apicture or other image of an animal that symbolizes peace andharmony, such as a rabbit or phoenix, is a good feng shui cure.These animals have yin qualities that will help to calm theoverstimulation that an excess of yang energy can bring. Place the picture or image in the living room if you are having arguments within the family group, or in the room of the person who appears to have an excess of yang energy.

Take note as well of the subject matter of the pictures decorating the walls of your living area. Are they harmonious? Do they have pleasant associations? If not, replace the offending pictures, because they are symbolic of the current feelings of the family.

Check also that the living room is not being struck by poisonarrows made by sharp lines from a neighbor's roof line. If it is, implement the solutions. Also, look up and check whether arguments are occurring under an exposed beam. If they are,try tying a tassel from the beam to dissipate symbolically the negative energy created by the beam.

Once you have implemented a cure, ring a melodious hand bellin the area. Constant arguments make the air of an area feel heavy, sound flat, and seem dull in color (as if the area is covered in a light layer of dust). Ring the bell over the area, particularly over upholstered pieces of furniture, until you sense a change in the air.

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