Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes

Feng Shui bamboo flutes symbolize the following:

  • Peace, safety, protection and strength
  • Life improving in stages. Each section of bamboo is longer than the preceding section.
  • New growth and good fortune. Bamboo shoots up powerfully and symbolizes wealth.

A flute produces wonderful, harmonious sounds. Therefore, in the past, flutes were used to announce peace and bring good news.

As Feng Shui cure, flutes are used to redirect the flow of energy in a specific direction or to bring the cosmic energy of chi into a room. It is important to pay attention to where the mouthpiece is pointing, because the opening determines the direction in which the air is being blown.

Feng Shui Bamboo Flutes

The type of flute and the way you hang it are important. The flute should be bamboo, with the ridges of the bamboo sections still intact. Avoid using flute with sanded ridges.

The flute is more powerful if its sections get longer and longer over its length - this symbolizes life improving step-by-step.

The flute should be hung from a red ribbon cut to a multiple of 9" in length and have a red tassel hanging from each point where the ribbon is attached.

Hang the flute with smaller sections toward the bottom and larger ones toward the top.

If your flute has some of these characters but not all, it will still work but not as effective as it can.

Feng Shui Bamboo Flute


  • You can empower your relationship or to help find the person who's right for you by using the bamboo flute cure. Hang a bamboo flute in the Marriage Gua of your bedroom. The flute should be hang at eye level or higher. The correct angle to hang the flute is at 45 degree with the higher end toward the right.
  • Inside, above the entrance door as a protection against negative influences or to allow the cosmic energy of chi to enter the house-with the mouthpiece pointing up.
  • Mounted on a wide ceiling beam, to counteract the downward pressing energy, with the mouthpiece pointing down.
  • On the staircase, to guide the upward¬moving energy back into the room-mouthpiece pointing down.
  • Below a sharply angled sloped ceiling or wall, to redirect upward-moving energy back into the room, with the mouthpiece pointing up.
  • Sometimes a back door or patio door opens directly out of the Wealth area. You can hang a Feng Shui bamboo flute over the door (see picture above). Hang it at a 45-degree angle, with the right side higher and the left side lower.

    To be effective, the flute's ridges should be intact rather than sanded smooth. Don't let anyone play with or blow the flute, as this can reduce its power.

    To ensure chi coming into any of your doors is nourished, the flute should be hung on top of your door (inside room). This is especially useful if your garage directly links to your living room or kitchen.


  • Do not mount a flute on or near a window.
  • The end of the flute should never point at a person (or his bed, desk, etc.).

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