Feng Shui Bagua Symbol & The Eight Aspirations Method


Feng Shui Bagua has 2 arrangements - the Early Heaven and the Later Heaven arrangements. The Eight Aspirations method uses the Later Heaven Arrangement (Read also - the Trigrams).

Later Heaven Bagua

For the Eight Aspirations Method, you will need to use the compass to read the orientation. After that, simply divide the space into 9 sectors as follows:

Eight Aspirations Feng Shui

Each of the eight corners in the later heaven Bagua is assigned with one type of luck:

Wealth Fame Marriage & Relationships Family & Health
Children Knowledge Career Helpful People

  • Wealth     Southeast Sector    Cures & Enhancers
    Trigram for this sector     Xun
    Family Member     Eldest Daughter
    Element     Wood

    The Southeast sector of your home brings with it the warmest sunshine and invigorating chi. From a seasonal perspective, it represents the late spring when plant life is in its most abundant phase, producing blossom. This is a powerful sector of your home that brings with it not just the potential for luck, prosperity and wealth but also good health. Enhancing this sector can really help make miracles happen. As we have all learnt on our journey, luck is often about being in the right place at the right time and being open to new possibilities. Keep this sector bright and fresh giving you a window for new opportunities to occur.

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  • Fame     South Sector    Cures & Enhancers
    Trigram for this sector     Li
    Family Member     Middle Daughter
    Element     Fire

    This sector represents recognition and acknowledgement for what you have achieved. The Element Fire brings with it the chi of wisdom, clarity, brilliance, perception and intuition.

    This sector not only helps to inspire us internally but gets us noticed externally at the same time. Fire can often express the full potential of our dream and the success of our journey.

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  • Marriage & Relationships     Southwest Sector    Cures & Enhancers
    Trigram for this sector     Kun
    Family Member     Mother or Matriarch
    Element     Earth

    The trigram Kun represents the full force of yin energy which creates the imagery of receptivity. This is the most yin, or the most open, of all the trigrams. It is also the most feminine of all the trigrams, governed by the element Earth which brings with it an essence of warmth, love, caring and relationship with others.

    Relationship in this context can be portrayed as marriage, relationships with family and friends, colleagues and neighbours. This sector of the home not only reflects our current relationships but also our potential to form new relationships or to make old relationships more enduring.

    If you are single and wish to attract a new relationship, you should have "generating" and "activating" Chi in the Marriage Gua area.

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  • Family & Health     East Sector    Cures & Enhancers
    Trigram for this sector     Zhen
    Family Member     Eldest Son
    Element     Wood

    As east represents dawn and the initiation of new activity, it symbolises our health, our vitality and our family roots. It is an active sector of the home which represents the charge of chi we receive from behind us from our lineage as well as our vitality and stamina that we bring into the world reflected through our health.

    Family, in this sense, can go beyond immediate family and represent the 'tribe' that we belong to. In modern times, we may all belong to several different tribes sports club, golf club, workplace, charity, and so on.

    Health in this context is more associated with spontaneity, flexibility and vitality.

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  • Children     West Sector    Cures & Enhancers
    Trigram for this sector     Dui
    Family Member     Youngest Daughter
    Element     Metal

    Sitting in the west, the chi that stimulates this sector is both profoundly reflective and potentially creative. The late afternoon and early evening are generally times when our chi consolidates, we reflect on our day's activities and we are inspired to bring new levels of energy to our creativity. For those with families, children represent true creativity in any relationship. They are a manifestation of our chi, our love and our blood. In a similar vein, our future projects, schemes, dreams and creations can fall into the same category. New projects that we undertake as they develop and grow are indeed our 'children'. The trigram Tui (Lake/Joy) in Feng Shui Ba Gua has always been associated with warmth, communication and fun.

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  • Knowledge     Northeast Sector    Cures & Enhancers
    Trigram for this sector     Gen
    Family Member     Youngest Son
    Element     Earth

    The Northeast sector symbolises the Mountain - stillness, contemplation and hidden strength. It can also represent our inner knowledge and our capacity to study. In an ideal world, this sector of your home or sector of a room would ideally be used as a study or a meditation room. You need to create an atmosphere of stillness, grounding and stability.

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  • Career     North Sector    Cures & Enhancers
    Trigram for this sector     Kan
    Family Member     Middle Son
    Element     Water

    As in the natural world, water needs to flow unhindered for it to be fresh, vital and inspiring. Bringing out this symbolism in this sector involves keeping the area uncluttered and creating a sense of meandering movement. It is best to encourage a flow of water energy rather than a cascade, dam up the energy or allow it to stagnate.

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  • Helpful People     Northwest Sector    Cures & Enhancers
    Trigram for this sector     Qian
    Family Member     Father
    Element     Metal

    The trigram Qian represents the full force of yang - Heaven. It is a powerful sector within the home and represents your connection with the outside world including your mentors, supportive colleagues and friends, networking, travel and international business prospects. The authority of Heaven implies a sense of respect and love of those who have supported you on your journey. This sector suggests stability, strength and clarity.

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