Mapping the Feng Shui Bagua Chart on Your Floor Plan

Here are how you can map the Feng Shui Bagua Chart on to your floor plan:

  • Get a drawing of your floor plan. It is preferably drawn to scale. If you do not have the architect's plan of your home, you can draw the outline of your home, include all the doors and windows. If your home has multiple floors, you should start with the floor containing the front door.
  • Locate the front wall of your house. The front wall is the wall that contains the front door of your home. Lay the Bagua Chart over your floor plan so that the your front wall is aligned with the Career Area-Helpful People Area-Knowledge Area.

    Note: Your front door can only be in one of these 3 Gua: Helpful People, Career or Knowledge.

  • The other Gua are now locate in their respective position.

Since very few buildings are square, you can extend or 'stretch' the bagua to fit over the plan of your property.

Feng Shui Bagua Chart

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