Encourage Business Success Through Feng Shui

To encourage business success, first clear your office or workplace of any clutter.

After that, check around to see if there are any objects that may be attracting bad luck to you. Look at the pictures near you - are they harmonious and attractive? If there are any pictures of turbulent water or battle scenes, remove them immediately.

Unless you enjoy clearing obstacles in your business, pictures of mountains should not be placed directly in front of where you work, or directly in front of the entrance to your work or business space. These will create an obstructive energy.

Place a picture of mountains at your back - this will encourage feelings of strength and support, and is an especially effective cure if you suffer from lower back problems at work.

Pictures that encourage success in your workplace include photographs or images in any medium of animals that are related, in feng shui, to abundance, such as fish, pheasants, phoenixes, boars, or toads.

Special money charms featuring frogs are very effective for encouraging a flow of abundance to you. The feng shui Fortune Frog can be placed just inside your office door, looking into your workplace.

You can place the Fortune Frogs on a shelf rather than on the floor. The Fortune Frog is either three-legged or sits on a pile of gold coins. He is usually gold in color and has a coin in its mouth.

If you use files in your work, keep a small cure of three feng shui coins tied into a package with red thread over a file that represents an important project.

You can also place this simple package over any documentation or book of accounts that represents the financial status of your business.

If you work with a cash register, place the package on top of the machine and place a mirror beside it to multiply the money coming to you. Placing a bell over the register will also stimulate abundant energy.

If you sit at a desk, you can make the tabletop a miniature version of your workplace-the wealth section will correspond to the top left-hand section of your desk. Place one (and only one) of the following feng shui cures in this area to stimulate good business:

  • The Fortune Frog
  • A crystal ball made from citrine, a stone that resonates with abundance
  • A special eight-coin charm
  • A jade tree
  • A flowering potted plant with red or pink flowers, such as an African violet

Expanding Your Business

If you plan to expand in the future, you have to take note of a few things.

Often, successful businesses that have thrived in one residence suffer due to an overextension of the business. For example, by adding an extension to a certain part of your building, you may be creating poison arrows that are directed straight to your sales team manager, in which case you may soon experience low morale issues from your sales force. Either move the sales team or consult a feng shui practitioner to make sure that you do not damage the energy flow of your business.

Extensions that are less than one third of the length of the building are usually beneficial to the aspiration to which that area of the building corresponds. For example, if you build an extension to your wealth area that is less than one third of the length of the existing building, you will probably find that your business will show improvement.

If a business is expanding, it is wise not to let go of the premises that brought it luck. It is thought to be most auspicious if the lucky premises are kept and extra premises are taken nearby.

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