Feng Shui in the Dining Room

The dining room is the place where a family should eat together. Eating together shows a happy and close knit family, so the setting of a dining room/table is important in feng shui.

Nowadays, due to the busy and fast lives people are leading, very few families are eating together. But it is still recommended to eat at the dining table together at least once in a day, even if it means having to wait for a member of the family for some time.

Also try and fix a time for eating. Never eat in the bedroom and do not watch television while eating. The practice of eating together will increase co-operation, love and understanding in the family. You can double the effect by installing a huge mirror opposite the dining table.

Placement of Dining Table

In feng shui the placement of the dining table has a prominent role - energies generated from the food consumed playa part in feng shui.

Ideally the dining room should be in the centre of the house, which is also the health area. Since it is the room where the entire family gathers to eat, it determines the overall family luck and the way members of the family interact with each other. It also ensures that the family wealth stays intact. But you must take care of the following factors:

  • The dining room should never face a toilet, as this will create health problems. Try and put some sort of a barrier between the toilet and the dining area; it can be in the form of a curtain.
  • If living in a split-level house, ensure that the dining area is always on the higher level.
  • The dining room should never be too close to the main door. The result will be that the family members will not be serious about their work and have a very casual approach in life, which will affect their wealth.
  • If the dining table is placed under a beam then the family member who sits under it shall have headaches, migraines and other health hazards.

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