Declutter Your Space to Attract Abundance in Life

Always declutter your space to attract good chi and also allows better spread of beneficial Chi throughout the home. In Feng Shui, we should avoid clutters as much as possible.

Declutter your rooms for better feng shui

Clutter is a symbol of being held back. Let's see the problems and obstacles created by clutter if they are found in the eight areas of the Feng Shui Bagua Map.

  • Wealth Area You will experience feelings of negativity and confusion concerning your money
  • Fame Area You will have doubbts and confusion about your stand in the community.
  • Marriage Area The may be problems in your relationship. As the very least, your relationship will not be developing the way you wish.
  • Family Area This will lead to family diagreement and a desire for individual family members and a desire for individual family members.
  • Children Area Worry and uncertainty. It can affect comunication between parents and their children.
  • Knowledge Area This are makes it hard to learn and difficult to retain what you have learnt.
  • Career Area You will face uncertainty in your chosen career.
  • Mentors Area You will find it hard to attract anyone, or will attract the wrong sort of person until the clutter is removed.

You will be astonished at the myriad positive effects that will emerge. First and foremost, you will attract a better flow of chi in your house and in your life. You will also notice a marked improvement in luck and prosperity for all the people who share the house with you.

Decluttering will help to put every area of your life into perspective and balance. You will then be able to see clearly what you want, and you will have more time to do what you want. If you feel that you just don't know which path to follow in your life, clear the clutter from your home and you will find, even as you are clearing the junk, that ideas and thoughts of new directions come to you.

You will also find that the skills you gain as you declutter. Clearing and organizing your space keeps your life simple and organized. You will be able to find things much more quickly. You will also find that you can manage the flow of daily clutter easily; and that your workload will seem less overwhelming.

Once being organized becomes second nature to you, you will see more opportunities for advancement and will be in an excellent position to capitalize on them.

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