Crystals are very popular remedies in feng shui. They disseminate, scatter, guide, or activate energies almost anywhere in a room or home. Feng Shui Crystal The quality of the crystal is important. Only flawless, faceted crystals made from high-quality material will be effective.

The facets of a crystal create a reflecting surface much like a small mirror, and therefore are ideal to influence the flow of energy. It is not by chance that crystal chandeliers were suspended from the ceiling in the entrance halls of palaces and castles in the past and are now popular in large homes.

The most popular are round (yin) and drop-shaped (yang). Ball-shaped crystals can be used in a room. For decorative purposes, they may also be star-, moon-, heart-, and octagon-shaped.

In addition, crystals have wonderful side effects: sunlight, when touching a crystal, turns into the eye-catching colors of the spec┬Čtrum. This is the reason that prisms are also called rainbow crystals.


  • In a window in order to prevent loss of energy. For example, if there is an outside door or large window in the Marriage Gua of your home or bedroom. Chi may be escaping, causing loss of energy in your relationship. This situation can be adjusted by hanging a crystal ball in front of the window or doorway. This cure is also good for creating a brighter, more expansive, and/or more truthful relationship.
  • Between a door and a window; when the door and window face each other, to redirect the flow of energy
  • In long hallways, to slow the flow of energy (see drawing below)
  • On corners or edges, to lessen their cutting effect (aggressive energy). See drawing below
  • To activate energy in static rooms
  • In small rooms, to keep energy flowing
  • In the center of a room, to stabilize and focus energy
  • In a window, to disperse negative energies (sharp edges, etc.)
  • In a window, to energize a room with rainbow colors
  • Between door and bed, to dissolve a potential conflict.

Ba Gua Areas:

  • Everywhere, but particularly useful in areas for Children and Helpful People.


  • Crystals need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness. Dusty/dirty crystals produce and reflect dusty/dirty energy.
  • The size of the crystal should be in proportion to the size of the window/roomlhall, etc.



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