Black Hat Feng Shui


In Black Hat Feng Shui, the areas of your environment corresponds with 9 different aspects of your life. This picture shows you the corresponding house areas and their symbolic colors.

Black Hat Feng Shui

One major difference between the Black Hat Feng Shui System and other Feng Shui Systems is that the former does not use a compass to determine a unique sitting and facing for a building. Instead the main front door becomes the focus. i.e. The front door will always be located in either the Knowledge, Career or Helpful People Sector.



Marriage and Relationships





Helpful People


In Black Hat Feng Shui system and other Feng Shui Systems, if you want to be happy and successful, you must maintain balance in all areas. If you favors a particular Gua (e.g. the Wealth) and focuses too much on it, you will upset the balance in other Gua.

All Gua interact with and depend on each other. A weakness in one Gua, such as Marriage, can have unfortunate effects on other Gua (eg. Family, Wealth and Children).

All areas of our environment (e.g. our home, office, a room or even a town) relates to an area of the bagua. You can map this bagua over your home floor plan, your lot plan, your bedroom, or your office. To benefit more, you should have all the Gua of your home and office balanced. To study the Feng Shui of your house, you have to map the Bagua Chart to the floor plan of your house or apartment first.

As you can see, in the Black Hat Feng Shui System, the front entrance to a space can only be located in one of these three areas : "Helpful People", "Career" or "Knowledge". The main entrance cannot be located in the "Family", "Wealth", "Fame", "Marriage and Relationships", "Children" or the "Health".

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