Better sex and love life


Intense love and great sex are primarily made up of a feeling that the two of you are almost as one - that your bodies are entwined when moving from one pose to another.

Mixed in with this are all the sensations of touch, sight and sound that you take in. These are helped by free-flowing active chi blended with softer, gentle energy.

What to do

  1. Create the space to move and have the freedom to fully express yourselves sexually. For example, get a large bed, along with big cushions or a comfortable chair, so that you can move to other areas of your room.
  2. Think about the lighting. If you enjoy seeing each other, you will need some kind of soft lighting. Candles are ideal as they add more fiery, passionate chi to the room. If you both love the feeling of being close, then a darker room will heighten these sensations.
  3. Make the room soundproof enough so that you both feel uninhibited about the noises you make during sex.
  4. Create an arousing atmosphere by bringing sexual imagery into your room. This could be sculptures of couples together, paintings or photographs.
  5. Orchids act as an aphrodisiac, so a pair of orchids close to your bed can help get you in the right mood.
  6. Increase the water, fire and western metal chi, as these help you feel deeply sexual, passionate and playful.
  7. To bring more water chi into your bedroom, use cream and a shiny black. Lace and sheer materials will further enllance this. You could also hang a crystal in the north part of your room to empower northern chi.
  8. Silk sheets increase fire chi, helping you feel stimulated. Also use bright purple and red in candles to bring in more passion.
  9. Pink flowers in a metal vase bring in more playful western chi. The western part of your bedroom is a good place for any sexual imagery.

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