Bedroom Feng Shui Tips on Sleeping Direction

Bedroom Feng Shui

To have good bedroom Feng Shui, you need to adopt beneficial sleeping direction. Well, I am not referring to the positions you saw in the picture above.

Your sleeping position is related to your personal kua, and the beneficial Chi directions for your personal kua.

When you sleep, you are particularly receptive to the chi around you. While you are passive, as well as repairing and regenerating yourself, you draw in more of the chi around you.

Most of this chi enters your body through your crown chakra at the top of your head. You can find this chakra by locating the spiral on the top of a baby's head [or the head of anyone with short hair].

Your sleeping direction is the direction in which your crown chakra points when you lie down.

To determine your best and worst sleeping directions, you will need to find out your personal kua number first.

After that, you can use your personal kua number to determine your 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious directions. You should try to remember these directions.

You should try to adopt auspicious facing at your desk, when you sleep (ie. sleeping direction), or anywhere you are sitting. Similarly you should avoid regularly doing anything facing any of your worst directions.

There are also some bedroom feng shui tips which you can take note of:-

  • Use soft materials in your bedroom, such as carpets, rugs or a softwood flooring. Try curtains instead of blinds.
  • Check to see if there are any sharp edges pointing at your bed. If so, grow a bushy plant in front of the corner, or hang soft fabric over the sharp edge.
  • Keep all doors and window coverings closed at night, to contain the chi and reduce the risk of it flowing too quickly.
  • Remove any mirrors and shiny objects, which can make the chi energy buzz around your bedroom and interfere with your sleep Make sure that mirrors do not point at your bed and cover the mirrors with a cloth while you sleep.
  • Try to arrange your bed so that you can see the window and door easily as you lie down, so that the chi of the phoenix is in front of you.
  • If you cannot turn your head to point north, try west or north-west, which both help to contain your chi.

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