Feng Shui Tips for Wealth


Feng Shui, the art of living in harmony with your environment, was originated more than 3 thousand years ago in China. Ancient Chinese discovered that that the placement of the burial site of ancestors, the imperial palaces, homes and businesses have significant influence on their fortunes and health conditions.

They studied the air movement in the mountains and hills, the water flows and the rains, the forces from other stars, the earth magnetic forces, and the surrounding Chi energy. Over the centuries, this mysterious art of living in harmony with the natural earth forces was developed. The Chinese Scholars called it "Feng Shui" which literally means "Wind and Water" in Chinese.

Feng Shui In Modern World

Today, Feng Shui is still of great importance in China.


The Bird's Nest Stadium and the National Aquatics Centre in China are the most spectacular Feng Shui Symbols in the 21st Century.

  • The stadium is designed in the shape of a giant bird's nest - to symbolize the Chinese saying "筑巢引凤" (ie. building a nest for the Phoenix). The hosting of Olympics 2008 symbolizes "百鸟朝凤" which means hundred birds paying homeage to the Phoenix.
  • The stadium is shaped like a bowl, symbolizing "a giant bowl of good luck and abundance".
  • There is an ancient Chinese saying "天圆地方" (ie. the symbol of universe - the sky is round and earth is square). This is encompassed in the 2 giant architectures.
  • In acient time, Beijing is known as "燕京" (The Swallow city). You can thus imagine the Feng Shui symbolic meaning of the Bird's Nest Stadium.
  • "Red Phoenix" is one of the 4 Celestial Animals. The nest is built for the Red Phoenix guarding the fortune of the Nation.

The grand Opening of the Beijing Olympics was started off in the Bird's Nest Stadium on 08-08-08 precisely at 8:08 pm. It was believed that the number '8' is a very lucky number and is associated with great fortune.


The Bird's Nest Stadium is also aligned to the other landmarks - The Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, the Forbidden City, the TianAnMen, the MaoZhuXi Memorial Hall and the Temple of Heaven. These landmarks were built at different era when China was strong and prosperous. The good Chi from these era can therefore flow to bless the guarding nest and the Nation.

Where East Meets West

Chinese Geomancy used to be a well kept secret in China and were accessible only by the imperial elites to maintain their power and position. Nowaday, Chinese Geomancy have gone across borders and had gained much recognition and acceptance.

  • Renowned schools of architecture in major universities (eg. Harvard), have produced PhD or Masters graduates who have carried out in-depth studies of feng shui.
  • Famous scholars such as Joseph Needhamand W. T De Bary have studied and written some papers about Chinese Geomacy.
  • Many highly respected architects incorporate Feng Shui percepts in their design. For instance, Sir Norman Foster moved two escalators of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bankso that they did not confront the main door.

The Five Factors of Success

Chinese believes that there are 5 factors that can affect one's success. Feng Shui is the the third factor in the list:

  • 一命 (Destiny - pronounce as "yi ming");
  • 二运 (The Lucky and Unlucky Era - pronounce as "er yun") ;
  • 三风水 (Feng Shui - pronounce as "san feng shui");
  • 四积德 (Virtue - pronounce as "shi ji de") ;
  • 五读书 (Education, Experience and Exposure - pronounce as "wu du shu") ;

The first two factors are what we are borne with, and they are not within our control. However, the potential of the other 3 factors should be maximized so that you can live your life to the fullest, have a peace of mind, enjoy greater success and good fortune.

The Art of Living

There are many angles for us to look at Feng Shui. See it as a way of living in harmony with the environment, incorporate it in the house architectural design and interior decoration appropriately, and see the improvement yourself.

We hope to share with you this art of living and I am sure you will find them beneficial.

Enjoy & Cheers!

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Feng Shui Import

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours."


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